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Membership Categories

Individual Principal Membership

Principal Members enjoy use of all clubs with priority access to the Member’s Home Club and the ability to participate in all golf and social events at the Home Club. Membership is transferable to immediate family members upon payment of a transfer fee. Membership is registered to the individual. Full membership fees, annual dues and food and beverage minimums apply for this category.ry.

Corporate Principal Membership

Same as Individual Principal membership, however, the membership is owned by the corporation. Membership is transferable within the corporation upon payment of a transfer fee. 

If owning a membership doesn’t comply with your company governance guidelines, but you and your business values access to a quality golf experience for client entertainment purposes, our Business Golf Concierge solution may suit your needs. Click here to learn more. 

Complimentary Family Benefits

The spouse, children, and grandchildren from ages 4 to 15 of full golf Members at Prestige, Platinum and Gold-level clubs receive a complimentary Family Twilight Membership that includes: 

  • Spouse and children age 10-15 enjoy access to the Home Club 30 minutes after twilight and unlimited access any time to the Academy 9-hole executive courses and Rolling Hills Classic course. 
  • Children age 4-9 enjoy unlimited access any time to the Academy Courses. 
  • Driving range and practice facility access in conjunction with a booked round of golf. 
  • Unlimited access to the clubhouses and dining at any ClubLink course. 
  • Ability to participate in Club social events, excluding any full golf events. 
  • Each registered Member receives a Membership ID number and card and the account is linked to the Primary Member. 
  • Access to golf at the Member’s Home Club one 30 minutes after the start of twilight time or at any Academy course at any time. Clubhouse dining is accessible at any time at any location. 

(children under the age of 10 have access to ClubLink’s Academy courses only).  

Full Privilege Spousal Membership

Same privileges as Individual Principal membership. Must be married to or cohabit with Principal Member. Spousal membership fees apply for this category. Membership fees are 50% of the Principal rate. Spousal annual dues apply. 

Local Spousal Membership

Local Spousal Members have unrestricted access to golf at the Home Club along with dining and practice facilities access to all clubs (excluding Glen Abbey). A member guest fee applies for access to golf away from the Home Club. No membership fees apply for this category. Spousal annual dues apply.

Local Annual Intermediate and Junior Membership

Annual Junior Members must be the children or grandchildren of a ClubLink Member. Annual Junior and Intermediate Members have access to their Home Club only during non-peak times. They are responsible to pay annual dues applicable to their age category but are not responsible for a food and beverage minimum until age 26. Junior and Intermediate Members have access to all ClubLink Academy Courses and enjoy practice facility access at their Home Club outside of peak times. No membership fees apply for this category. 

Full Privilege Intermediate/Junior Membership

Full Privilege Intermediate and Junior Members enjoy access to all Clubs. However, Junior Members are restricted to access golf at non-peak times only. Full-privilege Intermediate and Junior Members are subject to the annual dues applicable to their age category but are not responsible for a food and beverage minimum until they reach the age of 26. Intermediate/Junior membership fees apply for this category. 

ClubLink offers graduated annual dues pricing for Members age 19-35. At age 19, Intermediate Members pay 32.5% of the full annual dues amount and no food and beverage minimums. That percentage increases annually by 2.5% through age 25. At the age of 26, Intermediate Members pay 50% of the applicable annual dues and food and beverage minimums.  That percentage increases annually by 5% until age 36 when full dues are required.  

Peak Time Restrictions for Junior Members 

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays opening until 2 p.m.  

Fridays opening to Family Twilight.  

Wednesdays and Thursdays between noon and Family Twilight.  

Resort Clubs and Daily Fee Clubs follow similar restrictions but vary by shoulder and peak seasons. 

Senior Plus (70+)

To recognize Members age 70 and over with at least 10 years of membership, ClubLink offers a 5% discount on annual dues and food and beverage minimums and an additional 5% discount on both for every year the Member is over 70 to a maximum of 50%. Age of the Senior Plus Member is determined on January 1st each year. 

Academy Membership

Academy Members have reciprocal playing privileges at Trillium at Blue Springs, Down Under at Wyndance, The Rattler at RattleSnake Point, The South Course at The Country Club and The Villa Course at Lake Joseph. ClubLink Academy Members have dining privileges at all ClubLink facilities. Academy Members do not have access to Member events at any ClubLink Championship Course unless playing as a guest of a Member and upon payment of the applicable guest fee. Academy membership fees and annual dues apply for this category.

Clubhouse Membership

Clubhouse Members have recreational and dining access at all ClubLink facilities. Clubhouse Members do not have golf privileges unless playing as a guest of a Member and upon payment of the applicable guest fee. Prestige Level Clubhouse Membership offers access to dining and social events at all locations along with complimentary access to the pool facility at RattleSnake Point and complimentary access to meeting rooms at all locations. Clubhouse membership fees and annual dues apply for this category. 

Social and Non-Resident Membership

Social and non-Resident Members have account privileges and dining access to all locations. This category provides complimentary access to practice facilities and Academy Courses. Championship golf is accessible at all locations up to 12 rounds per season, upon payment of the annual dues and applicable green fee for each round. Full membership fees apply for these categories. A reduced food and beverage minimum applies for Social Members. 

Women's Novice Golfer Program (temporarily not available)

** Program not available for the 2021 season.  

The Women's Novice Golfer Program has been developed to attract new women golfers to enjoy the ClubLink life. It’s a fun and affordable bridge from being new to the game, to becoming a full Member over a two year journey. Best of all, as a trial membership, there’s no initial membership fee commitment as a road block to getting started. Your journey will be supported by the professional staff at our Clubs and the existing women golfers who will make you feel welcome.

Program Benefits:

  • Unlimited access to golf on the Championship Course at your Home Club one hour after the start of twilight time, seven days a week. You can also play up to 12 rounds per season at any time, at any ClubLink location, upon payment of the member guest fee. This includes participation in women’s day at your Home Club up to once per month.
  • Unlimited access to golf on all ClubLink Academy Courses at any time.
  • Unlimited access to practice facilities at all ClubLink locations, excluding Glen Abbey
  • $150 credit for private or group lessons
  • Member account privileges and access to dining at all ClubLink locations
  • Complimentary use of rental clubs
  • One complimentary guest pass to bring a friend out for a twilight round
  • Access to social events at your Home Club (additional fees apply)
  • Use of locker and club storage at your Home Club (subject to availability)
  • Seven day advanced tee time booking privileges
  • Guest privileges

For more information, please contact Karen Rooney at or 416-918-8749

To request current pricing, contact a membership consultant at or 
1-800-661-1818 to find out more. 

The above categories are only available at ClubLink Canadian locations.